The Order of the Shrub

A death in the party.

The party went further into the cave and the dwarf discovered a pivoting stone door. They went beyond to a passage and a larger cavern, with two 10’ figures wrapped in the ninja black pajamas. They fought silently but then were destroyed (ogre zombies!). Then there was a passage beyond, well-webbed and spidered, and the party found two ettercaps! That was a harder fight. They found another passage going further down and the dwarf discovered it was of drow manufacture. The party declined to go down that long passage and wanted to go overland.

Outside the cave, they found precious stones spelling out thanks in a language no one knew but the bard had comprehend languages. The elemental’s gratitude. That said the horses were missing and had to be located, fed and watered.

Finally the party went through the mountains (overland). But they encountered a large airship, crewed by giants and ogres. A few ogres came down for a food party.

Lord Amor di Cosmos valiantly (especially for him!) fought the ogres and tried to cut the rope ladder that they were using to descend. He was felled by the ogres (and javelins from above). Alas, he died, for good this time.

But the party killed the ogres and the airship beat a retreat. But as they were leaving, a humanoid figure raced down the ladder, jumping the last few feet to land in a cloud of dust. Who is this mysterious new character? Find out when Pete lets the rest of us know, because it is his new character!



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