The Order of the Shrub


A new character (a airship sailor, a foul-mouthed human) joins the party but is initially distrustful. The party almost bonds over being attacked by an earth elemental and the warlock tracks a magical trail up the path. On the left is a shrine to all the gods, maintained by a very old woman who offered a ritual to bless them – which took three hours and named, well, all the gods. The bard noticed that Zarus was not mentioned and later the priestess said that Zarus was not a god.

Her shrine was hallowed, but across from her was a desecrated maze dedicated to a demon known as Baphomet. The party agreed to go in (and found their weapons were magical in the maze, due to the old lady’s blessing). They found some orcs (including an Eye of Gruumsh) and found a lot of purple gems everywhere. It turns out that these were trapping the souls of people sacrificed by minotaur servants of Baphomet in this ridiculously huge maze. Smashing the gems released the soul. Taking the gems to the old priestess (who is senile, but still knows her ritual) lets her release the souls while preserving the gems, but takes three hours per gem.

Anyhow the sailor is learning to trust the party, but is not a fan of the paladin. No one has told the rogue about the egg yet.

Oh and the cat threw up IRL. He doesn’t take loud crowds well and the stress got to him. He is better now.



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