The Order of the Shrub

A rash encounter

The party agrees to the challenge and eventually docks at Lord Bagneol’s dark cloud. They issue the challenge and Lord Bagneol (with a large pulsing boil on his neck and another on his head) has to comply.

First there is the challenge of the hand. Lord B. rips the arms off of various enslaved servitors (yellow skeletons but the skulls are beak-like and the people are scared, not mindless) and puts them into a room, armed with weapons and whirling. The party has to get a ruby. The rogue/bard does so, but gets magically paranoid. The sorcerer too, but the pure rogue magically charms him, solving that issue. Lord Bagneol sucks the ruby into himself (it turns into a bloody liquid).

Then there is the challenge of the head. Lord B. replaces the arms on the servitors but rips off the heads! The party is left alone in a room with 30 heads attacking (the beaks sucking blood). The party destroys 27 heads and saves 3 (unconscious . . . ish).

Then there is the challenge of the heart. Lord B. leads them into a magical dark maze with floating lights and tells them to stop the devourer of light (the heads and pieces of heads of the servitors are magically merged into a giant yellow sphere the moves around the maze, eating the lights . . . ok it was Pac-Man, but hey it was pretty funny.

The rogue/bard charms P.M. into helping them and they break out of the maze. Good thing because the bard and rogue stayed in the feast hall for the third challenge and attacked the boils on Lord B., which erupted into Mind Flayers!

Hilarity ensued. The party (aided by the three servitors remaining) fought and defeated the mind flayers, and were able to escape the cloud as it was dissipating. They got to Agneol’s cloud, rescued the niece, got their reward (and medals), saved the day, and even were able to reverse the magic on the three servitors – an elf, a dwarf and a human (the others were saved in a different way by putting them in the egg).

At this point the cloud giants and the party were all privy to the secret of the egg, and those that hadn’t previously touched it, touched it now. The giants also agreed to leave 2 guards and a priest on the ship with the party to help them on the quest to liberate the horn from Lord Skartos.



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