The Order of the Shrub

A sad loss

Alas, poor Lord Amor de Cosmos!

The party chose their gifts. The wizard got a spell book with lots of spells. The warlock got a ritual book which later became his book of shadows. The Squire got fancy armour. The druid got his red egg looked at (and got a message gem that will tell him when to return to the library).

The paladin found out that his “Brother” is actually his son from the future, who died in his place (assuming that the paladin marries Lissa, currently too young to marry or bear young).

The cleric found out a lot about the corruption of the Silver Flame, the human supremacist Ducard family that has infiltrated it (and other faiths) for years, killing non-human paladins in particular, their yellow turbaned lackeys, etc. They specialize in using fear magic to keep the paladins friends back both to isolate the paladin for an easier kill and to make the friends doubt themselves (and perhaps stop from becoming paladins).

The ranger found out about the entire Ducard family, and that Alton Ducard set fire to his village (in a brief alliance with the Drow).

The Ducards worship Zarus, an evil god that thinks that humans should rule all other races, and that half-humans are an abomination.

The party decided to return to mudpuddle. During the night they were attacked by 2 wyrmling black dragons, who murdered poor Lord Amor de Cosmos with their acid breath! He was avenged, but will be missed terribly.

Then the party ran into a mud pillar in the middle of the road that turned into 5 mud mephits, which they were able to kill.



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