The Order of the Shrub


The druid appeared on the scene but aside from the Paladin, Gideon and the Warlock, the others were gone. They got some loot and then the paladin decided to detect good and evil on the magic items (dust of disappearance, potion of fire resistance) and found a celestial trapped in an invisible globe. It had been there for centuries and could only be freed by its husband (it was unmarried, and by the terms must marry a mortal). The paladin agreed to marry it and the glass globe broke and an angel (deva) appeared. He (Athanastra) offered them transport to wherever they wanted to go and so they decided to go to a fort in the mountains that the paladin was familiar with. They travelled in style – the angel summoned 4 winged horses (pegasi). At the fort, the party warned the local baron (known to the paladin) and others about the possible end of the world, the drow, the human supremacists, etc.

Then the ranger got a new animal companion (half-bronze dragon blood hawk), the warlock nosed around a bit for lunatics (closest was a half-mad old soldier talking about worms in the desert near the mountains) and Gideon bought a dragon chess set for his master. The angel could only stay one night, so he and his husband consummated their marriage (normally a male angel, but became a female dragonborn for the night – possibly due to orders from on high possibly to fulfil a certain prophecy). The party got their weapons silvered, and also the angel gifted them with magic items before leaving (even Gideon!).

The party flew back to the city of Kuom-rak, the ranger shooting at a hobgoblin leader nearby on the way (the hobgoblins were 300 feet from the city and some humans (with earrings) were shooting at them with mystical fire bolts). The party (except the dragonborn) were disguised as humans, and their attack on the hobgoblin (plus some clever bluffing by the warlock) allowed the humans inside to ignore the dragonborn (rather than attacking him). The party were favourably received by the captain, who was telepathically warned about non-humans in the city (some of the women were staring very intently at the party).

The warlock got a shock when he saw Azune the Black again! But the latter didn’t seem to recognize him. The warlock also warned the captain about him. The party decided to rest for the day.

Except for the owl and the ranger, who both heard horses screaming. The owl screeched a warning but was taken out. The ranger found nine ladies chanting over the pegasi, who had had their wings ripped off. There was a shadowing figure sorta there sorta not.

So combat ensued. Drow, guards, etc. The paladin saved two wounded pegasi from the transformation, but the other two became nightmares. One of the drow disappeared on a nightmare (and the shadow demon left). The other was killed, but not before killing poor Gideon (in his shiny mithral plate mail, too). His body was burned beyond recognition (he was killed outright, no death saves here!).

Two human guards survived the battle, and the captain came in later and reported that the leader Azune was really some shapeshifting monster!

None of the drow had earrings, but a lot of humans have them here. The party’s cover has not yet been blown, and they are trying to warn the humans that the drow infiltration is too complete, and they have to regroup.


Oops! It was the ranger that appeared on the scene, not the druid. Apologies!


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