The Order of the Shrub

Cooking up a new adventure

The party split up in town (DM crying sounds are muffled). The paladin checked out the Temple of the Silver Flame (one of the three factions fighting to have their guy be the next hierophant). Suspiciously, all the clerics and paladins were human.

The Warlock got a ritual spell copied. The sorcerer got new clothes.

The Rogue met up with a malodorous captain through the latter’s cook, and was considering a deal . . . for that captain (at 20 gp a head to get to Skartos’s Castle within 4 days). The Rogue thought of a better plan.

So Rogue, Sorceror and Paladin (waiting outside) tried to get some deal where they would give the magic horn of Skartos to the Temple in exchange for even an old airship (alternatively give an airship to Skartos in exchange for the city of Yvr’s freedom from attacks by Skartos). They said they would consider it.

The cook overheard both her own crew muttering that those passengers better keep their nose out of the crew’s business (about what the cargo was) and also a group of assassins planning to kill the airship sailor (rogue) she just met! She followed them.

They were staying at a luxury inn to keep up appearances (The Red Lion). The assassins climbed up but the flying cook signalled with a whistle and that woke up the party. Hijinks ensued, including repelling blasts by the warlock, errol flynn maneuvers into 2nd story windows from the third floor, flying, running, grapples, karate chops from the cook, arrows, fire bolts, sword action, and even an lightning orb. And a posthumous beheading of the non-human assassin.

The human assassin was dead and eventually so was the purple tenacled one (A mind flayer).

The party found (and despite the cook playing a secretive game, eventually discovered) that the note was from the Temple of the Silver Flame and asking them to kill the party and send the human assassin back to report success! And the temple-folk seemed so nice! So now the party is considering checking out the temple more carefully, perhaps using disguise magic and a con-game.



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