The Order of the Shrub

Dis end goes to de depths of de Earth!

Okay, the party was facing zombies (all there except the ghost of Amor, trapped in the Ethereal plane). It was sad work, as the zombies were former clerics of the good gods of the town. But it had to be done. Well the dragonborn breathing on the zombies and catching the dwarf in friendly fire probably did not have to be done, but there you go.

On completing the task, the doors opened and the party saw Azoon the Black standing with the guild leaders, showing that the “non-human terrorists” had slain the clerics of the town!

But the party was more convincing the the guild leaders turned on Azoon. So he summoned some guards to kill them all. There were also three veiled ladies at the back of the main hallway, just watching. One was shorter than the others.

The party made even shorter work of the guards! And Azoon was slain by the Warlock (revenge!). The druid/ranger got to the ladies and felled one (non-lethally) but then they escaped via a globe of darkness over a long tunnel (it was covered by a rug).

Oh, and the ranger got attacked by the rug! Animated objects seemed to be a “thing” with these magical ladies. After dealing with the rug. (burned in holy flame!). The party moved the council table over the hole (which went about 120 feet down and had tunnels leading from it) and got the guild leaders to safety. The bard reassured the townsfolk and rallied them against the remnants of the human supremacists, who skulked away.

The party found a letter on Azoon detailing an alliance with the drow (pragmatism over principles!). Also, another letter in the mayor’s former home (taken over by Azoon and the ladies) spoke of seven other cities soon to be under their control. This letter was dated a week ago.

The party then had most of the townsfolk (except some prisoners) touch the egg, to be saved. Most of the townsfolk elected to touch, but not go into the egg yet. So far the Warlock’s father doesn’t want to touch the egg. He had a bath though, so that is a compromise of sorts.

The party got outfitted. They found a lovely magic earring on a guard and discovered it to allow one to make a deal with another entity to gain power in exchange for the entity controlling one’s afterlife destination. It also allowed that entity to use the senses of whoever was wearing the earring. The party didn’t go for it . . . yet.

They also found a spy from Allanonia named Whiskia. They told him of the egg quest, got him sprung from prison, and promised to visit his kingdom. He promised a friendly reception.

The druid found some evidence of a goblinoid patrol not too far from Carrefore too.

It is likely that word of the egg will spread from the town of Carrefore. But no secret can be kept forever.

So lots of things to do.

[Oh and it turns out that the party needs 2 700 xp for fourth level, more than the 1800 they thought, so they are all 3rd level, not mixed 3rd and 4th as they thought).



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