The Order of the Shrub

Down and up

The bard wanted to forget about it and continue the egg quest. The paladin wanted to spread word about the rebellion to the 6 cities still under the Church of Zarus’s control.

But the majority of the party wanted to deal with the drow.

So the party went down the hole (druid in spider form to make handy webbings for ease of vertical travel). On the way they got attacked by two flying fiends that demanded in Infernal that the party “Give it to them or die!”. The party choose option C, killing the fiends.

The bottom of the tunnel was black . . . and hungry. Black pudding for the win!

Then the party arrived at the bottom where there were 5 exits – 2 with doors. The doors were mimics (which the warlock found out the hard way). Then the party had to deal with that and two glowing ghost-entities. Plus some drow joined the party later and poisoned the warlock with crossbow bolts. Turns out the ghosts were not real, just a use of dancing lights to seed some confusion.

The warlock harvested the remaining poisoned crossbow bolts and the party retreated back up the tunnel, deciding that they needed some sort of plan for dealing with an entrenched enemy (on their home turf, no less!) that knew they would likely be invaded by surface adventurers. Stay tuned!



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