The Order of the Shrub

Dreams, friend returned, orcsorcsorcs

The party members had interesting dreams, which I will relate here at a later time so Blair doesn’t get spoilered.

Then they returned to Mudpuddle. Upon finding out how dangerous and organized the humanoids were, the mayor ordered a fast retreat onto the ships, but it took time to pack.

A huge surprise was that Amor de Cosmos was alive and well in Mudpuddle! He had some halfling servants too.. According to him, an amulet saved his life by switching him at the last minute with the amulet’s previous owner. But now the amulet has been lost. Perhaps the next owner of it will have their life saved by switching with Amor de Cosmos?

That night, orcs attacked (in groups of five)! The party and village militia worked hard to defeat them and succeeded but all but two of the militia perished.(the druid was able to stabilize those two). Some buildlings were trashed, but most of the townsfolk (and Amor de Cosmos, in a sedan chair carried by servants) made it to the safety of the ships.

For her heroism in the Battle of Mudpuddle, the paladin knighted his squire and asked her to take his other two servants with the soon-to-be-former Mudpuddlians onto the lake. She, now a knight in her own right, agreed.

This left the party with a ghost town, but at least they all could get horses as they plan their next move.

Oh, the Warlock found out from a cat that someone with a white streak in his black hair had gone into the local barber’s to have his head shaved.

The Warlock also got an owl familiar with the best name ever. “S” is for short, but the actual name was “Shit I forgot to think of a name before doing this ritual”. ;)



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