The Order of the Shrub

Hello new friend!

Well the reincarnation didn’t work as planned. The elf ranger’s body transposed with a distant tribesman in furs. This tribesman had a vision of the world ending and that encouraged the party to open up about the egg. The tribesman touched the egg. The rogue, kinda skeptical, did not, at least not yet.

The old lady convinced the tribesman to help destroy the altar in the maze so that she could seal it away from the abyss.

In they go! The rogue now knew there were sliding walls and the party used that to their advantage. They got to the center: a 25’ by 25’ room, 5’ lower than the rest of the maze, with an altar in the middle, a weird head on hands thing on the ceiling, and lots of fiends in the, oh lets call it a mosh pits.

The party wisely slew the weird thing before it could do anything weird. Combat ensued. The demons died in droves (they were minor demons). The tribesman revealed cool sorcerer powers (like excluding people from his thundering wave, making that spell much more useful!)

Then a red scaly minotaur appeared! It charged the wounded paladin, wounding him even more. The bard made it flee, and it came back to breathe fire on the party! But they eventually killed it. They hacked at the demon head on the altar, smashed five gems in that head to free the first five souls ever imprisoned here, and then the paladin used the angel feather of his husband to destroy the altar.

Then the party left. and the old lady was grateful, and pulled off one last ritual to destroy the maze and seal the area from the abyss. At peace, she finally allowed herself to die at the age of 121, 100 years after starting her mission to prevent the minotaurs from leaving.

So score one for the party! Baphomet failed!



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