The Order of the Shrub

I am a killer dm!

Once again, the party entered the maze (ranger, bard, paladin, rogue). They were attacked by bats, some in swarms, and some demon bats that scared the paladin and could turn invisible! But the rangers half-dragon hawk had blindsight and made short work of them.

Then the party tried to destroy another demon mouth but the noise attracted more attention . . . a minotaur and a minotaur skeleton! The rogue ran away into a dead end (where the bats came from) and found a specially inscribed circle (he was standing in it – voices tried to tempt him to declare for Baphomet, but he did not). He failed to find secret doors and ran back tot he combat. Meanwhile the minotaur hit a part of the the wall and a section moved, making the passage suddenly wide enough to charge! The minotaur gored the ranger, and later the rogue. The fight was a very near thing but the party was victorious although alas the ranger’s life was lost. The party brought the ranger’s body out, hoping that the old priestess could do something to help.

She (of course) started chanting her ritual. There was a glow from the purple gem stones . . .



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