The Order of the Shrub

In which the party SWATs away evil

Careful planning pays off! The paladin notes that a medium sized red dragon was flying into a cave, and they planned out how to handle it. With the rogue hiding above, the spellcasters behind cover at various distances from the cave and each other (to minimize breath weapon damage) and the paladin in front to be the distraction/bait (after taking a potion of fire resistance). They were ready, even when the red dragon had an ogre friend. It wasn’t even close. The ogre didn’t get a chance to do anything at all. Well done by the party!

Then in the cave they found some treasure (including potions of water breathing and acid resistance, and 5 coloured dragon head statuettes worth 25 gp each). And then noticed there was an extra party member – a barbed devil asking the warlock for the earring. The warlock wasn’t going for it and combat ensued, but the barbed devil was soon dealt with.

The party figured out that there was a planar gate in the cave that the devil took advantage of. They used it to briefly access the plane of modrons (giving the rogue a door in his head to become lawful if he wants) and then the plane of Celestia, where the met some angels including the paladin’s husband, got a map of where they wish to go, met the paladin’s young son, gave up the warlock’s earring to the angels, and generally rested. They plan to return and resume their adventure, but have some healing potions and holy water now.



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