The Order of the Shrub

Its a TRAP!

Sorry for the delay. The party came across two suits of armour fighting with swords, but the swords flew to attack the party, followed by the armour suits.

They realized they were being scryed.

Then the party arrived at Carrefore, sneaking in due to the Warlock’s knowledge of same. They found the warlock’s stinking homeless crazy dad. They hid out in a ex-haunted house (now technically re-haunted by Amor di Cosmos). He said the priests of the town (except for Zarus priests) had been called to a meeting and not heard from since). Ominous!

While planning they came across a girl with black hair and a white streak who hated her parents. She was running away from home. They asked for her help to rescue the priests. She agreed to go back and get a servant to give her a key to where the priests were. Amor followed and hid from her view in a closet. He discovered that the little girl’s bedroom was huge and also that something seemed “off” about her.

Anyhow, she returned with the key and was told to stay at the haunted house with the owl familiar. The party went to where the priests were (aided by some intel on guard movements by a prisoner called Spiker, as well as the girl’s servant allegedly causing a distraction).

The warlock took the Scarlet Egg and tried to talk to a priest, but the priest seemed dead to the world . . . or undead to the world! The party was forced into the room by a giant hand, and the ghost Amor hit with a magic spell that banished him to the Ethereal realm, whence he could not affect the material world! It seems the little girl betrayed them, and the party will have a fight on its hands!



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