The Order of the Shrub

Jurassic parked

The party lowered the ship near a stream in the jungle for repairs. They fought a T.Rex and won (with a kick to the head from inside that head by the monk!). Then they had to deal with a tribe of lizardfolk, and then the lizardfolk in the ship rose from the dead (as did three of the dead crewmembers!). The party saw that there were glowing skull sigils on the ship and were able to use holy water to erase the sigils. They realized the Church of the Silver Flame was probably responsible for the undead here (and on the giant/ogre ship!).

Then a monodrone modron showed up with a message. Primus wants that Slaad hunted down that was in the ship before. The party decided to fix the ship first and then go after it from the air. The modron is sticking around for now.



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