The Order of the Shrub

New Rogue and a city!

The party is joined by a gnome rogue and rejoined by the warlock. They see an airship in the distance fight off a red dragon. Closer to them an airship passes over them, stops and some ogres start coming down! The party rallies (the gnome rogue reveals a bardic nature which, oddly, the rogue does not remember having afterwards) and defeat the ogres, and then the human rogue airship sailor gets . . . creative. Disguised as an ogre child he gets onto the ship, then sets it on fire, flies around with the rope ladder to hinder escape (only 4 ogres got off in time, and the party dealt with them), and accidentally frees the air elementals in the airship. The ship crashes, and the giant/ogre crew are attacked by said angry air elementals. Later, they rise as giant/ogre zombies!

Anyhow, the party goes into stealth mode, avoiding some city guard riding out to check out the airship crash (and then galloping back to report the giant zombies!). The party sneaks into the city of YVR to plan their next move. The old hierarch (clerical advisor to the Lord Mayor) is dead, and the priesthoods are politicking and sometimes outright fighting over who shall be the next hierarch. The party discusses the morality of using air elementals to power airships. The party thinks that getting a merchant airship quickly to the castle of Starkad the Destroyer might be the best plan. We shall see next week!



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