The Order of the Shrub

On to Tuom-rak!

The party decided to leave town (the townsfolk will fill the hole with rubble and put a grate on it and guard it and hope that the drow don’t break through and anyhow, they will move soon to another location). The party is now moving to Tuom-rak, one of the six towns under the control of human supremacists.

On the road they heard some crying sounds coming from some trees to the right. Ghost Amor scouted ahead and saw another ghost, an elven woman crying. The party came up and asked her what was wrong, and she told them, at length and in detail, about how beautiful her life was until her enemies ruined it. To cheer her up Squire Gideon came forward and he used prestidigitation to look good, including making his shield shiny, but that caused the elf ghost (well, banshee) to freak out at almost seeing her own reflection and she screamed, which knocked the dwarf over. Combat ensued, and the ranger’s dog nearly died!

Then the party heard trouble back at the horses. A bearded devil and a gnoll were demanding the earring from the dwarf, as the property rightfully was not the party’s but the organization the devil represented, and the gnoll was to be the next owner of it. The dwarf stalled, then refused, and combat ensued. The party was victorious but the bearded devil warned that this wasn’t over, before being sent away. The party is thinking of possible ways to destroy or hide the earring.



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