The Order of the Shrub

Put a hand in the hand of the man that raised the dead . . .

The party heard noises outside their posh room in the nice inn (go bard!) and saw a floating eyeball with stalks, and lots of disembodied hands! Turns out the ranger spotted the eyeball thing was a gas spore, not a beholder and warned the party not to attack it. The hands were towing it using a rope but stopped to attack the adventurers. Hilarity ensued. The paladin’s breath weapon worked and did not hit any other party members! The bard used mage hand to gently push the spore away and the dwarf went out, closed the door, and led it outside. The dwarf saw a cursing figure flee. Eventually the bard and dwarf between the killed it (bard using mage hand to keep it far away, the dwarf using a crossbow to end it). Then the paladin cleaned up the goop using purify food and drink a lot (yay rituals!).

The party had dealt with the 15 hands (including Striker’s and the drow’s!) and the ranger tracked the fleeing guy to the graveyard. It was the bald undertaker, a follower of Zarus named Michael and apparently a foul necromancer. The party searched his house and found some copper, silver, potions, scrolls and a trip wire. The ranger didn’t quite disarm the trap, but at least avoided most of the damage from the collapsing roof. Oh and the party got a nice rug.

By the way guys, Xmas is coming so give me your hints on uncommon magic items you would like to have!



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