The Order of the Shrub

Serpent in the garden.

Ok, Lord Amor di Cosmos secretly returned to Mudpuddle via ship and then rejoined the party at the Mayor’s house during a short rest. The alarm went off and a beautiful green elven maiden (a sea elf) asked for Amor’s help. Amor, being secretive, decided to meet with her first in a town square, then in an alley. But the warlock was suspicious and followed stealthily.

It looked like a sexual assignation, but (the warlock prudently moving back and letting the owl continue stealthing from above) saw her grab at Amor’s sachel and pull out . . . THE SCARLET EGG!

Luckily she got cornered by the druid (as wolf), the warlock, and the paladin, while Amor censored, pulled up his pants, and told everyone to close their eyes.

The wolf didn’t, and saw a spiritual form leave Amor’s body. The spirit looked like Amor, and then looked like Amor melting in acid! But the wolf was not afraid.

The green hag’s illusion revealed, she used her last living moment to enter the egg. Alas, now there is a very evil being in the new world that is to be.

The party was not happy with the former lord di cosmos! But then they had another critter to deal with, a Nothic that would be all to happy to grab a magic egg, whatever its properties. Luckily the nothic died before finding out what the egg could really do.

Anyhow, Lord Amor’s scheme of trading sex for access to the world egg (which is what happened with a tribe of previous actual sea elves) was revealed, and the party put a halt to that scheme on pain of blackmail (he was threatened with death . . . legal death, that is. Amor wants to keep his wealth from being inherited by a cousin he hates). Amor’s three halfling lackeys are ok with occasionally being possessed by him (they trade off) and now the party realizes that they have the world egg.. The ghostly Amor is tied to the egg, but can go ethereal with it (it is still visible in the material plane, but ghosts through things when ethereal). Anyhow, now that Amor doesn’t have to hide his death with the party, he will stop using an illusion to disguise the body he is in to look like him, and likely participate more directly in the group’s adventures, since they are all on the same page.

Oh, and the party finally left Mudpuddle and is on the road to Carrefore!

Nov. 11th game will be at Pete’s place, btw.



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