The Order of the Shrub


(Yes, I did).

Ok, the party in their cloud ship suddenly were attacked by a magical water spout containing reef sharks! Hilarity ensued, and they even rescued a green fish dude also in that spout, who turned out to be Nagauhas, an emissary to Skartos. Also, they discovered that a mind flayer caused the water spout, but the m.f. disappeared on being about to be confronted.

So the party heard about Skartos in a new light, as a great leader who was uniting various peoples to fight a great threat to the whole world!

And the party saw knights in armour on green and blue dragons, veiled ladies and men, fire giants, hobgoblins, kobolds, and rat-men. All of them had the crest of Skartos (tree with crown on it). The also saw a magical image of a giant head in the sky that announced the alliance with the sea peoples, the readiness to fight to save the world, etc. (At which point all the troops shouted “Skartos!” in encouraging tones). And the head had an incredibly magnetic personality. Obviously a born leader, and handsome to boot!

Then the party has a bit of a discussion on what to do (consulting with Primus via reitual and modron and receiving an internal yet written reply via coughing fit of the sorcerer. They can easily be the entourage/servants of the emmisary, and they got word from Primus that Skartos is the “Back up plan”, trying to save the world (Primus estimates a 13% chance of success). But the party with the egg is currently unknown to him (the party trying to save the world’s souls, since 13% of success means 87% chance of failure).

The monk scouted around with a helm of telepathy. While everyone was saying they needed more (resources, troops, equipment, arms, etc.) they were all quite happy to be part of Skartos’s organization.

So what will the party do? Tune in next week!



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