The Order of the Shrub

The building of The Library

Modrons are weird dudes!

After dealing with a human berserker (while wounded) and gaining a Iron Key, the party finally was able to limp up a quarter mile and rest. They saw in the distance something strange (flying globes?). Closer up, they found weird, geometrically shaped creatures building a cubical structure. Eventually the warlock was able to talk to the leader and learned that they were building a Library to increase order. A deal was reached that in exchange for a boon (information or material) the party would help deal with a threat to them (described as a large squat biped).

Then the dwarf saw 15 figures (6 orcs, 9 goblins) approaching, but they looked sick. They were. When the warlock tried to parley with them, their chests burst open and each one had a savage beast, like a giant tadpole with teeth! The party was under attack.

They held their own until the modrons could send the proper reinforcements (this took some time. Modrons don’t deviate from the established order of how combats should be enacted). The modrons were grateful for the party’s aid. While eventually effective, modrons are slow to organize, and If even one of the tadpoles had escaped, it could have grown into the foreseen threat to the library within hours.

So the boons will come next game session.



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