The Order of the Shrub

Three men and a baby

Ok, the paladin, rogue and bard were left to their own devices back in the prime material plane and started looking for a place to bury excess treasure. The first place (a tree with vultures on it) was a bad idea, and they got attacked by the giant vultures and the tree started moving to them too! The rogue tricked them by throwing a gem and saying it was very valuable and the party ran away while the vultures fought over it.

Then the party ran further away, found a different tree (safe this time) and buried some of the excess treasure. They then rested and during the paladin’s watch he was tempted by “Fan” the imp (a devil) to join team evil, by killing a baby with a ceremonial dagger. The paladin refused and the imp departed . . . leaving the baby and the dagger behind.

So now the party has a cute eladrin girl to take care of (white hair, green orbs for eyes, past the weaning stage).

Then the party was met by an aarakocra scout and made peaceful contact, but the scout, Red Feather, got attacked by two gargoyles. Combat ensued. Spells were cast effectively. a sword was made sacred and magical. Gargoyles were destroyed. Wealth was found. Scout was healed (and grateful!). The baby actually teleported to safety (not far, but far enough).

So back at the Aarakocra village our party were heroes. They revealed the egg’s existence to the village (and the rogue, although the latter is dubious) and the villagers touched the egg (but none disappeared). The villagers had no magic workers, and were impressed enough that Red Feather asked to serve the paladin as a squire (and brother Blue Feather and sister Yellow Feather also want to serve the paladin, albeit not as combatants). Well, as least there are people to take care of the baby.



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