The Order of the Shrub

Up in the Air

The rogue/bard finagles a better deal on an airship via the church of Olidamera, but must steal the crown jewels of Skartos for that church in exchange. The party ducks an invitation to “a holy contest to win great rewards” from the Temple of the Silver Flame. They get onto the airship that the monk works on as a cook.

In the air they are attacked by three red dragon wyrmlings! Things get hot but they are fought off and no crew dies (although that is a close thing). The rogue/bard does a crazy heroic stunt – dragon riding!

Then there is banging in the hold. Something has hatched and wants out! Turns out that part of what the malodourous captain is smuggling is an unconscious wizard that is host to a green slaad! The party gets it up on to the deck and then the monk thunderwaves it off (along with the paladin) and the rogue/bard helps save the paladin with a feather fall, so the monk can catch it with her broom. The slaad fails to grab the monk or broom on the long way down, but while hurt, is able to walk it off (slaadi are tough customers!). It even got to fireball the ship on the way down! This forced the crew to open all the water barrels to save the ship, but they do save it (the warlock is good at organizing how the barrels should go)..

And then they all rested.



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