The Order of the Shrub

Fighting and some information gained!

The warlock and cleric were surprised as, not the halfling, but a zombie exited the tent at night! The zombie spat out a spider and they attacked the warlock. Later, a purple whirlwind deposited the paladin and bard (and 6 remaining awakened shrubs) among them and combat ensued.

Then the caravan and squire landed. Kilo was a bit shaken.

There was a bat (really a quasit, a type of demon!) but the warlock destroyed it quickly.

Then there were some bandits late at night with yellow turbans! The party dealt with them (although the dwarf was sans armour) but two were raised from the dead as zombies!

(at this point the ranger, who had tagged along with the whirlwind, quietly dealt with the cultist raising the zombies).

The party dealt with the zombies (the last one took a long time to die!) and had one prisoner. From the prisoner they discovered that the cultist’s name was Matilde, and a leader of the human supremacist group in the town of Carrefour (where the Warlock’s mother was murdered by them) is known as Azun the Black. The bandit was let go with a dagger in exchange for this information.

New friends and a dangerous foe
In which the wizard, cleric and warlock meet.

The warlock hears about the bounty and rushes to catch the caravan (not yet!). The dwarf was coming from a completely different direction, on a quest of his own, but they meet, just in time to see some specks in the sky that get bigger, and hungrier. The halfling wizard is teleported in to join them. Spells eventually scare of the Pteranadon pair.

That night they camp, but not being rangers, they find their camp is a haven for rats! Swarms of them! The elf was bitten and fell, but the dwarf revealed some healing powers and the wizard some illusions. Between them they drove off the rats (after killing some).

The worst encounter was an orc that charged out of the tree line at the orc. The dwarf went down, and the warlock was trying her best with hex and weapons. The halfling boldly jumped on the orc’s back, and between them they were able to kill it!

Just goes to show that even one orc can be very dangerous.

Flashback to first session
Since it is not here, I should put it in?

The party started with a half-elf bard, a dragonborn paladin (with squire and 2 servants) a wood elf druid and a halfling wizard, meeting in a tavern in mudpuddle. They were having fun in a tavern and were eventually hired to hunt goblins (1 gp a head) and orcs (5 gp a head) although people were not sure if there were orcs about (one person claimed to have seen one though).

They travelled with a caravan driven by Kilo, a human who wanted to reopen a trade route that had been closed recently due to goblin attacks and fear of same. The paladin left his other servants behind, but took the squire. The halfling wizard, a noble, had not yet revealed any magical powers, but exuded confidence.

So off they went.

They ran into an orderly row of shrubs. Thinking something was hiding behind them, they got ready for combat. Yet they did not expect the shrubs themselves to charge the party!

[Hence the name, The Order of the Shrub (and yes I am a huge fan of the webcomic The Order of the Stick – can’t believe it is 2 editions ago now!].

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The Adventure Begins
Mudpuddle Meeting

The wood elf ranger is seeking the drow that burned his village, and thinks a one armed human with a white streak of hair may be the key. He waits in the only tavern in Mudpuddle, thinking and drinking.

The halfling noble, hiding his arcane powers, is lapping up the attention of the common folk.

The half-elf bard is entertaining the crowd.

The dragonborn paladin, with squire, groom and armour-polisher, is surveying the tavern.

All here the call to adventure (and basically a reward of 1gp per goblin head, 5 gp if they find an orc head).

They set out with a caravan driven by the sour black-bearded Kilo. He carries saffron and hopes to make it to the south, despite the depredations of the bone-splitter and bloody sword goblin tribes.

Naturally they run into trouble.


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