The Order of the Shrub

Allies! Leafy allies!

The party moved the wagon to some trees and did not break branches off to start a fire (they were worried about being spotted). This turned out to be fortuitous, as the trees themselves were alive and looking for allies against hobgoblins that were building siege weapons to attack the human city that they were going toward (Tuom-Kar). The party devised a double-distraction – the wizard as hobgoblin entered as a “powerful servant of the goblin god” with the warlock slave using telepathy (as the wizard could not speak goblin). They warned of an elven attack. Then the paladin, squire and bard attacked with missile weapons from the east!

The captain fell for it and ordered hobgoblins to the east. That gave the awakened trees and accompanying wildlife a chance to attack from the west. Hilarity ensued. Hobgoblins went west, jpbgoblins went east, hobgoblins died.

The warlock worked to take out the captain to add to maximum disarray. The paladin tanked very well. Gideon looked awesome as always (and even killed two hobgoblins, one with a critical hit just before it could reach him!). The bard gave great support (singing in elvish for added distractions). The wizard got in a wicked ranged spell on one of the hobgoblins on the paladin. The warlock was right in the thick of things, bloody but unbowed.

The awakend trees at first were hurt (fire bad!), but rallied and the hobgoblins were defeated. Then the party told them about the World Egg, and the trees and wildlife went into it, leaving the party in a deforested, eerily quiet, mini-wasteland.

Loot was not determined but will be next time (now there is a motivation to show up!).



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