The Order of the Shrub

The Adventure Begins

Mudpuddle Meeting

The wood elf ranger is seeking the drow that burned his village, and thinks a one armed human with a white streak of hair may be the key. He waits in the only tavern in Mudpuddle, thinking and drinking.

The halfling noble, hiding his arcane powers, is lapping up the attention of the common folk.

The half-elf bard is entertaining the crowd.

The dragonborn paladin, with squire, groom and armour-polisher, is surveying the tavern.

All here the call to adventure (and basically a reward of 1gp per goblin head, 5 gp if they find an orc head).

They set out with a caravan driven by the sour black-bearded Kilo. He carries saffron and hopes to make it to the south, despite the depredations of the bone-splitter and bloody sword goblin tribes.

Naturally they run into trouble.



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