The Order of the Shrub

Well well!

The party came to a well with a veiled lady in front of it. She asked them if they came to solve the riddle of the well. They agreed and came forward. Amor, suspicious, asked if she was just making up this riddle (after I spouted a few lines about gold and such) and she said “Yes!” and lifted her veil and the party faced a Sea Hag’s Death Stare. It even took out the ghostly Amor de Cosmos (knocking him unconscious, as well as the bard). At least the party was able to kill her before she could get into the egg.

Then the paladin looked in the well (since the Hag shouted about gold as she died) and dealt with a Water Weird (a snakelike thing literally made of water) that tried to drown him. But a druid’s Flaming sphere soon put paid to that (along with the party beating on the snake – tricky when it was invisible).

There was 500 gp of gold plates, cutlery and candlesticks down there, which the party got.

Then some animals came to the party and the druid found out they were instructed to go to “the other place” so they are in the egg now.

Then the party saw dust up ahead. Refugees from Carreforre (dwarves, elves, etc.). All the non-humans had been exiled and they were trying to find a safe place to live. Then flying swords came at them out of the sky. The party bravely fought the swords and only one refugee died. Sadly, on of the halfling servitors (hosting Amor de Cosmos) also was slain and after the battle, the remaining two halfling servitors had had enough and wanted to go into the egg along with the refugees.

So now the party really wants to get to Carreforre and deal with it somehow.



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